...and I am an actor with over 30 years of experience on stage, film and television. I am a classically trained actress, and graduated from the Welsh College of Music and Drama in 1985. I have also had the good fortune to play major roles in very successful television programmes in both the United Kingdom and South Africa.

During the peak of my success in South Africa, I encountered significant personal difficulties, but I believe that in overcoming these obstacles, I have learned much about spirit, character and the power of reinvention. This is reflected in my work, and this gives me the versatility to play a diverse range of roles effectively and authentically.




Acting has allowed me to work around the world in a number of amazing productions both in the theatre and on film. After graduating drama school, I worked in a number of British plays before embarking to South Africa. It was here, that I acted in the hit soap opera Generations, playing the role of Ntsiki Lukhele. Becoming a recognised figure was both exciting and bewildering, but also unlocked many opportunities.

I played the role of Martine in the HBO film Sometimes in April as well as winning an FESPACO award for my portrayal of Thandi in Zulu Love Letter.

Personal reasons led me to returning to the UK where I was able to perform on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Court. I also became a regular character on the longest running show in the UK, Coronation Street. Current work includes a role in the Robert Icke play, The Doctor.





5th NAFCA: African Oscar 2015

Best Actress in leading role Diaspora Film: Kingmakers

19th FESPACO 2005

Best Actress: Pamela Nomvete in Lettre d'amour zoulou (South Africa)




Born in Ethiopia to exiled South Africans, I spent my formative years in a boarding school in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Questions of who I was, pervaded my thoughts and my autobiography Dancing to the Beat of the Drum, charts my quest as I return to South Africa in search of my identity. The first free South African elections of 1994 is the catalyst for my journey, and I end up spending more than a decade in the country as I become a recognised and celebrated TV, film and theatre actress.

Behind this success however, is a chaotic personal life which is submerged in a sea of toxicity and pain. Dancing to the Beat of the Drum is my struggle, as I claw my life back. It is not only a personal account, but a testament to hope, for those who face similar personal struggles.

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Pamela is currently in South Africa reprising her role as Deborah Banda in the fifth season of the hit show Lockdown.